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Consign with us.

Consign with us.

We'll sell for you or buy from you direct.

Are you environmentally conscious? Are you remodeling a home or business? Or maybe you’re refreshing an area for a special gathering? Revamping for the holidays? Closet Connoisseur Resale Furniture and Fashion Resale is the smart way to buy & the best way to sell! We will take your luxury-brand furniture, floral arrangements, beautiful botanicals, paintings and portraits! Consigning your furniture is easy and hassle free! Simply email our professional staff for a preview of your items for consignment to If you would like to drop off your item, call for an appointment so we can better assist you in the consignment process. Don’t have time to consign? We can purchase your items directly from you. And for your additional convenience, you can text us pictures of the items you’d like to consign or sell to 210-346-8713.


Fine Furniture: 60% commission for the owner of the items, 40% for our company for a 90-day contract.

Home Decor: 50% split for a 90-day contract.

Ladies Designer Clothing: 50% split for a 60-day contract.

Ladies Accessories, Jewelry, Handbags, Shoes, etc.: 50% split for a 60-day contract.

Please call to schedule an appointment today or text us pictures at 210-346-8713

If you are interested in having us carry your luxury items on consignment, please call or complete the form below. Pick-up and delivery service is offered for larger items.

Email Us Photos of Your Items For Sale & Consignment Requests

Closet Connoisseur Resale Furniture and Fashion appreciates you taking the time to visit our website and considering us for your affordable fashion and home interior needs.

We are located in the Castle Oaks Village shopping plaza on West Avenue. Please use the map links below for driving directions to visit our location. We look forward to seeing you!

Email us photos of your items.

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